Friday, September 15, 2006

Trouble on the horizon

I am in a bad mood. I can feel it. I am grouchy and stressed and I really really want to sit down with takeout and chocolate to make me feel better. Oh boy am I in trouble. I am going to yell at someone or smack someone or eat something really really bad. And weigh in is tomorrow and I can't. Talk me through this guys. It is getting pretty bad over this way. Even Prince Charming asked what was the matter.


JessiferSeabs said...

So.... what's wrong?! Talk about it! It will help, I promise.

OR -- go for a walk.
Or go take a bubble bath.
Call a friend
Paint your toenails!
Buy some fresh flowers.

DON'T binge.
It might make you feel better temporarily, but regardless of weigh-in, you'll hate yourself for it later. And then the cycle continues...

3treasures said...

We all have one of those days. I had one on Wednesday, but managed not to binge, a miracle, afterall, i got a hold of a packet of digestive biscuits...BUT i just had 2. Hope you're feeling better ((HUGS))

snackiepoo said...

Read my blog from today, sistah. Whatever it is that is eating at you, feel it....get mad, cry, run, walk, spend a day watching sappy movies...let yourself get through it and then you will be find. Don't find your way through food but through whatever else you can.....I agree with Jess....sometimes simple things like going to a farmers market and buying fresh flowers and stuff like that can be inspiring....talking to random people, sitting in a coffee shop reading the is the little things.

Jules said...

All I can say is keep on keeping on. Check out my blog for today has a link to a very inspiration video clip of a young man who is disabled and his dad. It reminded me that no matter how bad my day is, I have been blessed with the ability to CAN! I can move, I can make healthy choices, I just need to keep the big picture in mind and keep on keeping on. You CAN!!!

digitalGoobie said...

Yeah, I'm with Jess - try to talk to us or your Hubby and say what's actually wrong Hun. If that doesn't work, maybe you should try some high intensity exercising, a shower... you can do this! Mind over matter Hun, if you eat that food - it'll only add to your stress and anger. Cause you're just self-distructing then, punishing yourself for your bad mood and making it worse...

I'm sendin some love and encouragement your way.. times like that are more than tough!

April said...

Oh Cindy, I am so sorry I am just seeing your post. I hope you made it and got through it. If not and you gained today, that is OK. We have all been there, just get back on that horse. :-) And yes, please we are here for you anytime you need to talk.. {hugs}


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