Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weight Loss Wednesday

Off to the gym this morning and I am really looking forward to it. This morning I am feeling energized and ready to tackle anything. I already have a load of clothes on the line and the kitchen cleaned at it is only 8:12 am. So I am off to a good start.

I feel like I am having a bad week food-wise. I really need to get it under control if I want to see the results from going to the gym. I will be better for the rest of the week.

I love to read weight loss success stories. It reminds me that this can be done. People have lost more than I have. People have had troubles and obstacles but they succeed and lose weight. It inspires me to keep at this and finish my journey. So, I thought it would be fun and inspiring to share a couple of weight loss success stories.

Farah's Big Break -- After some serious yo-yo-ing, this actress got with the plan in her 20s—and inspired her whole family to get healthy.

Weight Loss Success Story - Beth -- Read her weight loss story and get inspired to lose weight today! She lost 150 pounds!

April's Weight Loss Success Story -- April lost 70 pounds with Weight Watchers!

Food for Wednesday:
  • 2 points--rice crispy square
  • 0 points--coffee
  • 2 points--low fat granola bar
  • 2 points--ff frankfurters
  • 1 points--ww bread
  • 0 points--coffee
  • 2 points--cookies
  • 1.5 points--crackers
  • 0.5 points--hummus
  • 4 points--white rice
  • 3 points--low fat cream of mushroom soup
  • 0 points--veggies
  • 2 points--cinnamon snaps
  • 1 points--fruit bar
  • 1 points--yogurt
  • 4 points--snacks
  • 26 points--Total for Wednesday


Amy said...

You are up and at 'em early! Great job with the gym. Doesn't it feel awesome?
I love success stories. I am going to read them after I write to you. I watched a Dr. Phil rerun yesterday, and he had some weight loss success stories on there. So inspiring.
Have a great day!

Melli said...

I just returned from Curves and had lunch. It DOES feel good when you're done! I LOVE the energy burst! Yes... other people's success stories ARE very encouraging, aren't they? It's nice so many share!

snackiepoo said...

You should go visit

I got an email from them last week asking if I would do an interview for their site, and I did but the fun thing is actually reding everyone's interviews to see how they are doing it, what they have done, their feelings on Weight Loss, etc.

April said...

Thanks for the great weight loss stories, I love reading them too!! I subscribe to Looking Good Now and WW magazine just for the weight loss stories.. :-)

Come on in for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about my weight loss journey as well as all the healthy recipes I have found, including WW points and/or nutritional information if available. I am eating a vegetarian diet and concentrating on getting healthy and hopefully weight loss will follow. Thank to all my readers for their ongoing support.