Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I love that I have been saving leftovers of soups and chili's. It is so nice when I have baked potatoes made ahead in the fridge, I can just heat up the soup and pour it over the warmed up potatoes. Mmmm . . . soo good. And creamed corn is really really yummy over baked potatoes.

I have a renewed sense of purpose with this. I know that I am doing so well on this plant-based, low fat whole foods diet. I know that I will lose weight and there is no healthier way of eating than this one. So, I won't let a gain of 1.8 lbs get me down. It could be anything, but it was probably hormones. I am shaking it off and moving on.

I did try something today that I really liked. I cut up an apple, and put cinnamon and sugar free syrup on it. I stirred it together and the sprinkled a little oats on it. Pop into the microwave for a few minutes and presto! You have a yummy apple treat.

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