Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recipe updated

Having a great day today. I am feeling more energetic and healthy as I eat better. Now if I could only get Princess Sleeps-a-lot to sleep more hours in a row, I would have it made! I am drinking more water lately too and slowly trading out my coffee for water or herbal tea.

I am having so much fun looking for and inventing recipes to suit my new way of eating. I can feel it making me feel better and that is so motivating. Even cheating a little the other day when I went into town for my Doctor's appointment and I could feel it effecting me right away. It was a great reminder as to why I am doing this. I am trying to transition away from coffee now. I know it effects me negatively and I need to move towards something that doesn't bother my stomach. I have been drinking a LOT of it lately. So today in my efforts to move away from it again (I had given it up almost entirely for about 3 years while I was having and trying to have my two youngest girls), I was rewarded with a headache. I was hoping to avoid the caffeine withdrawal headache, but there it is. It is still SOOOO worth it.

With the power outage yesterday, it took too long to make the meal planned when the power was so late coming on, so I had a big bowl of oatmeal and saved this for today. I have to tell you, the house smells heavenly!! As I made it, I made a couple of changes which I will update on that post as well.
  • I decided to change it to a slowc00ker recipe as I like my cabbage cooked up really well when I make something like this. I put all the ingredients in except the rice and set it on high for 5 hours. I will cook the rice and add it shortly before I eat it.
  • I added a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes and some mushrooms.
  • I also had a HUGE head of cabbage so I used less than 1/2 a head.
  • I seasoned it with garlic powder (as well as the minced garlic I put in, I LIKE garlic!), oregano, chili powder, salt and pepper.
  • Using 3 cups of cooked rice
Results: This was really good and I have all kinds of ideas for changing it up. I would like to try:
  • making this more spicy by adding hot pepper, or
  • adding lots of fresh mushrooms such as portabella
  • adding potatoes or serving it over potatoes.

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