Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cheats and pea soup

I had a little cheat last night. I had a piece of Princess Belle's birthday cake. But when I got up this morning, I weighed myself again and I was down another .2 lbs. I know I should only weigh myself once a week, but I have an addiction. I only track the Friday weight, but I step on the scales every day usually.

I am not feeling up to doing much exercise yet. At least not any that doesn't involve doing more organizing from my move. I am working on one room at a time. Some days I end up going up and down the stairs 30 million times (or at least that is how it feels) carrying things back and forth. But, once I get my weight down a little more, I will start doing my exercise videos again and getting a bit more active in general.

I made a vegetarian pea soup today but it turned out waaaay too salty and I am still working out a way to save it.

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