Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two In One Vegetable Uses Recipe


any combination of veggies you have like:
* celery
* carrots
* onion
* broccoli
* parsnips
* cabbage
seasonings of your choice- fresh or dried- like:
* tarragon
* parsely
* rosemary
* garlic
* olive oil
* water


1. cut veggies into large peices
2. saute in olive oil for 5-10minutes
3. add 2 quarts water and seasonings of your choice
4. bring to a boil reduce heat and simmer,uncovered, 30 minutes
5. strain stock out of veggies
6. use stock in any recipe calling for broth or stock
7. use veggies to make healthy and quick smoothies by using 1/2 cup cooked veggies to 1 cup liquid of choice like:
8. apple or pear juice
9. carrot juice or
10. beet juice

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