Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guilt-Free Chocolate Smoothie


* 1 Large Frozen Organic Banana
* ¼ cup Organic Peanut Butter (just ground peanuts)
* 1 Tbsp Fresh ground Flax Seeds
* ¼ cup Organic Cocoa Powder
* 1 tsp Blackstrap Molasses (optional)
* 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (or Soy, Rice, Coconut, etc.)


1. Freeze your own bananas! You can often find overripe bananas on sale at your local grocery store. Just peel them and put them into a freezer bag whole.
2. Grab one out whenever you’re ready and chop it up into about 1-inch pieces. Toss these into your blender.
3. Add your natural peanut butter (creamy works best).
4. Grind a heaping tablespoon of flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add those to the blender. These add lots of high quality fiber and a rich, smooth texture.
5. Add your cocoa powder—be sure it’s organic and unsweetened.
6. If you like to supplement your diet with a super green food like spirulina, feel free to add a serving into the smoothie, since the robust and delicious flavors of the banana, peanut butter, and cocoa will hide the taste.
7. A little blackstrap molasses adds even more dark, rich flavor and many vitamins and minerals.
8. Then just pour in about a cup of your favorite unsweetened vegetarian milk and blend everything together

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