Monday, March 23, 2009

Ideas for clean eating snacks and lunches

  • Spread almond butter on a wrap with a banana and sprinkle some flax on top. You can also try adding some unsweetened applesauce as well
  • Brown rice wrap with shrimp that was cooked in olive oil, shallots, garlic, cilantro and lime juice with Pico de Gallo (or salsa) and black beans (probably great with avocado).
  • Scrambled egg whites with veggies and chicken in them. You can switch up the veggies you use, and just through them in a container with your egg whites, cubed cooked chicken breast, add a tablespoon of water, cover and microwave for 1 min 40 secs, and voila you have a scrambled omelet of sorts. You can toss it in a brown rice tortilla and make it a wrap. You can add a pinch of salt, pepper, or even salsa. Great with a serving of veggies on the side, like grape tomatoes and squash.
  • Refried organic black beans topped with some sliced grilled chicken breast or crumbled ground turkey, add chopped romaine lettuce, some diced tomatoes and a little taco sauce.
  • 1/2 cup gfcf oats and 3/4 cup water. Put in Microwave for 2 minutes. Take out, add 1/4 cup frozen berries and 1 tbsp natural nut butter. Place back in microwave for 2 minutes. Love it sooo yummy its like creamy desert

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