Friday, February 13, 2009

Trying to sort this out.

I have been doing so amazingly well, but I do have one thing that I need to figure out. I am having a reaction to something I have first thing in the morning. I have a terrible suspicion that it is soy! The last couple of days after breakfast I have a terrible reaction. So either I am reacting to eating first thing in the morning in general, or I am reacting to my soy honey vanilla chai latte. Yesterday I left out the soy milk and just made a Honey Vanilla Chai tea. I still reacted. But, I checked the tea and it has soy too. So this morning I had no tea at all and I had no reaction at all. Now in a little while I will have a Honey Ginseng Green Tea, and I will see if I react to that. I hate the idea that I may not be able to have Soy either!!!!


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Oh how ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING !!!! I am having my own challenges, and I swear there are days that all these weird little variables make me want to just lay down in front of a steam roller and let it take me out of my misery. I hope it is not soy because it seems to have crept into so very many things. It is possible that the tea simply does not agree with you period. Hot water with lemon could be a viable alternative then.

I love reading about all your discoveries- keep up the great job !

Anonymous said...

Soy proteins are very similar to gluten and casein proteins. That being said, some people react, some do not. Some people can handle the soy leicthin & some cannot.

Trial it again, then give yourself a month off soy as much as possible. Try soy again & see if you have a reaction. As well, some gut healing may go a long way in allowing you to add back soy, even just on a limited basis.

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