Monday, February 16, 2009

On Princess Belle's new way of eating

So Princess Belle is doing well. We went out and got our hair cut the same way and she says we are twins. She likes that she has to eat the same thing as me, it makes her going gluten and dairy free a lot easier. She hasn't had a lot of complaints about it.

I told her that we are having fun trying new foods together. (I do give her more carbs than I get, but she hasn't noticed that.)

This morning we made microwave flax bread and I cut it into slices and made us egg muffins with rice cheese. We decided we didn't like the American flavored rice Cheese but we do like the pepperjack and we love love love the nacho flavored! I have three kinds of milk in the fridge to see which one I like the best to replace regular milk.

I am hoping to get some scales this month if I can swing it. I would love to know how I am doing weight-wise. It is so hard to stay motivated when I have no idea what I am accomplishing.

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