Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WW Core Snack ideas

  1. plain yogurt with splenda sweetened zero calorie chocolate syrup and berries
  2. cooked tomato and pepper salad
  3. baked potato with ff sour cream
  4. oatmeal with chopped apples (apples cooked with oatmeal in the microwave)
  5. baked apple with cinnamon
  6. tomato and mustard on a toasted lite English muffin (1 point)
  7. homemade popcorn. 1/4 cup of popcorn tsp of evoo in brown paper lunch bag. Fold over a few times. Microwave 1.5-2 minutes. Spray with butter flavored oil spray and sea salt.
  8. Any fruits. (I love bananas, sweet and filling!)
  9. Any veggies
  10. Oatmeal
  11. Shredded wheat cereal with Skim milk
  12. Boiled egg or deviled eggs
  13. Zero or very low point other snacks like, Drakes makes three 1 point cakes
  14. Chocolate, Blueberry, Coffee/cinnamon. Three small cupcakes in a pack for one point. (They make two others carrot and vanilla but those are 2 pts)
  15. Curve bar (1pt and so good)
  16. Blue Bunny Healthbar Zero point for one bar (nice size and box comes mixed with 1/2 vanilla/chocolate and 1/2 chocolate fudge bars - very yummy)
  17. Brown rice pudding
  18. SF Jell-O (zero points!)
  19. Chocolate banana swirl sugar free pudding (1pt) Sooooo good!
  20. Guacamole dip with veggies
  21. Light Lays chips (1 point per serving)
  22. Serving of Baked tostitos - count points
  23. Small wrap (1pt) Rotisserie chicken/lettuce/tomatoes/red onions
  24. Latte Lite (Skim Milk, art. sweetener)
  25. Cottage Cheese
  26. Hard boiled egg
  27. 94% fat free popcorn
  28. FF plain yogurt with peaches & splenda
  29. Smoothie made with frozen fruit and skim milk
  30. Fruit and veggies
  31. FF plain Yogurt w/frozen berries
  32. FF cottage cheese w/pineapple chunks or crushed (packed in it's own juice)
  33. sugar-free Jello (any flavor) and mix in natural (sugar-free) applesauce for part of the water. This gives the Jello a little more substance and I find it more satisfying. When I eat it I like to put a dollop of Greek yogurt on top.

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