Monday, November 3, 2008

Speedy Eaters Wear Bigger Pants

A Japanese study published in the British Medical Journal (but no doubt pertaining to those of us in the U.S.!) suggests that people who eat quickly until they're full are THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE OVERWEIGHT. The findings conclude that eating styles, not just food choices, are most likely contributing to the obesity epidemic. This makes perfect sense, because if you're continually chewing and swallowing food, your body has little time to digest anything and tell your brain it's feeling full. Our suggestion? EAT MORE SLOWLY! Here are some tips & tricks to help you do this...

1 . Take smaller bites and chew carefully. You'll taste and enjoy food more this way, too.

2. Drink water in between forkfuls of food, putting your fork down while you sip. This will slow the chewing pace and help you feel full as well.

3. Pay attention to what you're eating. Don't just mindlessly stuff yourself.

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