Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is low carb expensive?

Wouldn't you know it? I finally get on track with my diet, and I get sick!! Just my luck. I have a sore throat and a fever and stuff, so hopefully this won't last too long. It does suck though. I hate having to take care of things while I am sick. But anyway, on to other things . . . .

Is low carb expensive? For me, it isn't. Prince Charming's favorite foods are all very high in protein. I include them in our meals anyway. It is a small step to make our meals low carb and just include a carb option for Prince Charming and Princess Belle. (Princess Mag-pie being too little to have a say at this point. LOL) On top of that, the foods that I choose to include aren't that expensive. Like any other meal plan, you have to plan. Stocking up on sale items that you regularly buy really helps as well. Think about your options and include the best ones that meet your requirements.

Some budget friendly things you may want to include are:
  • spinach
  • Romain lettuce lasts a long time in the fridge
  • Cucumbers and "greens" in season.
  • hot dogs (check the carbs)
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • eggs
  • sausages and hamburgers bought in bulk
  • Beef or pork roasts when they're on sale
  • cheese
  • almonds
  • luncheon meats (such as turkey, roast beef, chicken, ham, be sure to check the carbs)
  • Buy in bulk, you can get chicken wings for 99 cents/pound or better when buying in bulk. Flats of tunafish go on sale all the time. Frozen veggies last months.
  • Limit "low-carb" packaged food - all packaged food is more expensive, so make your own low-carb fare.
  • Always plan your meals in advance. Effective shopping always helps to reduce costs. Do not go to the stores when hungry, because then you end up buying more. Buy for a week in advance. This makes the low carb program much more affordable.
Some good, easy, low carb, inexpensive recipes are:
  • Cabbage lasagna! Steam cabbage leaves and use instead of noodles. Fry ground meat w/ onions, garlic and green pepper (sometimes I add zucchini and mushrooms too) - throw in a can of tomato sauce and tomato paste. In another bowl mix cottage cheese (or ricotta) w/ grated mozzarella. Layer cabbage, meat and cheeses in a casserole dish. Bake and serve.
  • Another tasty thing to do with cabbage is slice it thinly and fry in lots of butter until it starts to brown. Great w/ pork or sausages.
  • Make a pizza (find low carb sauce at grocery) with hamburger meat as a crust. Just press meat into pan and bake. Drain as much as possible, then add toppings. T
  • Pizza Eggs - Put 2-3 eggs (single serving) in an 8" non-stick frying pan. Break the yolks and fry until firm. I fry until completely done like for an egg sandwich. Pour 1/4 cup pizza sauce on top. Add pepperoni slices, mushrooms, black olives, or any "pizza" topping. Add some shredded mozzarella cheese. Cover and cook until cheese melts.


Vikki said...

Great Blog. So much info so little time to read them all...giggle But I will get there.

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Okay, so I think I caught what you have. Drats. This was my "me" week. Oh well, it still is. Hope you feel better soon!
Love your blog.

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