Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Weight Loss Wednesday

It is Weight Loss Wednesday. This is the day we get motivated and get tips. I thought today we could share the recipes for weight loss. Share three things with me:

  1. Tell me the favorite thing you have for lunch.
  2. Tell me your favorite must have on hand low points or low calorie snack
  3. Tell me your favorite meal to make for supper.

Here are mine:

1. I like to have chicken noodle soup, a salad, and fruit with yogurt for lunch. Only 4 points and it is yummy!

2. I have to have sugar free/fat free yogurts (1 point) and low fat granola bars (2 points). They satisfy my sweet tooth. My new favorite addition is Smart Pop Popcorn (2 points).

3. I like to take a chicken breast, and pour an entire can of diced tomatoes on it along with some onions and green peppers and some seasoning. I roast it in the oven until the chicken is cooked and the tomatoes are bubbling. I really enjoy this.

The other thing I like to eat is chicken breast mixed with fat free chicken broth and 0 point veggies. Again I roast it in the oven until everything is cooked. I usually add a little garlic, pepper, salt, and onions. I find it a yummy filling supper.

So, tell me . . . your recipes and tips!

Food for Wednesday:

  • 4 points--egg white omelet
  • 1 point--ww bread
  • 1 point--low fat margarine
  • 2 points--rice crispy square.
  • 1 point--yogurt
  • 2 points--0 fat candy
  • 1 point--yogurt
  • 1 point--orange
  • 3 points--chicken and veggies
  • 0 points--coffee
  • 2 points--Smart Pop Popcorn
  • 2 points--granola bar
  • 1 point--1/2 rice crispy square
  • 2 points--fat free candy
  • 1 point--yogurt
  • 24 points--Total for Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did it!!! I am leaving you a comment the right way now.. :-)

Let's see. My favorite lunch is a aztec tortilla, with light ranch, lean turkey deli meat, low fat swiss cheese, sprouts or lettuce, tomato and sometimes avocado. You can also use low fat cream cheese and dill instead of the ranch. Yummy!


Living to Feel Good said...

Let's see ...
My favorite lunch food..of course 1pt SF pudding. I also eat a 1pt WW key lime yogurt everyday and still love it. I mix my main lunch item up everyday like tomorrow it will be California Rolls, but sometimes I eat sandwiches or frozen meals.

Fav low point snack..duh SF pudding. LOL. Don't forget my picture of my fridge with 3 packs!!

My favorite meal for supper....I have a few and eat them every week. My husband and I like this skillet thing I make. Basically it's 99% fat free ground turkey with 8oz tomato sauce, and 1 can of diced tomatoes. The I put chili seasoning and lemon salt in it. We eat it with oven baked fries. 3oz is 2pts!! I usually eat 6oz which is a really nice amount of fries.
My other favorite meal is grilled chicken on my George foreman grill. I just use black pepper, lemon pepper, and Parmesan cheese.
AND I like making turkey burgers with the GF Grill and oven fries again.
My husband and I eat a lot of chicken breast and 99%FF Ground Turkey.

LASTLY (geez Sarah shut up already! ;) ) I use to love this Taco Soup (a WW recipe) which is similar to Chili than soup and it's 1 cup= 2pts. Unfortunately I had a migraine one night when we ate it, and I threw up, so I can't eat that right now. I was eating that meal every week though before it. If I haven't grossed you out, let me know if you want the recipe. It's one of my husbands favorites, and he's upset I won't eat it again yet. Maybe in the fall I will be ready.

Living to Feel Good said...

PS. Just read your post from yesterday. I obsess over the scale too. I step on it probably 4-9 times a day. I just do it to see how it's going. Some people really get effected by the scale and get upset, but I am not one of those people. If I don't like the number I shrug and think where I can improve if I haven't been "good" or if I have been "good" then I figure it's salt intake need to drink more water, or is it my period, or did I have a heavy meal, etc! AND actually sometimes it's up from exercising to much. My body will go into starve mood, and I need to watch that too, and make sure I eat enough for my workout. Every one's body is different, and we all need something different. Whatever works you know?
Back to the scale thing, so some people think it's bad to look at the scale. For me I don't think so. I say if it isn't screwing you up mentally where you get depressed if you are up a pound or two then who cares how many times you step on it.

Okay have I talked your ear off yet? LOL!!

Hope4Baby said...

My favorite lunch is whole grain hot pockets, supreme pizza. (4 points) I usually have sandwich for 3 and then popcorn. But those hot pockets are good!

My favorite snack, is fruit dipped in yogurt. YUM!
or a 100 calorie pack of chips ahoy.
or a 60 calorie hersheys stick..

Sorry I am really hungry!

My favorite dinner is...
I don't cook that often, my DH doesn't eat anything "healthy" so he makes something frozen or picks up something. So I usually do the same. I love the Smart ones Ravioli.

Hope4Baby said...

I tagged you! Check out my post today to see what it is about!

3treasures said...

My favorite lunch would be grilled chicken...with skin..yummy, but now with the WL journey, i just get the breast.
My favorite must have on hand low points or low calorie snack would have to be fruity bar or if i'm home, my beloved whey protein berry smoothies.
My favorite meal to make for supper, i would say, pasta & tomato sauce with cheese, the kids luv it! For me now, it's wholemeal or spelt pasta and low fat cheese.

Come on in for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about my weight loss journey as well as all the healthy recipes I have found, including WW points and/or nutritional information if available. I am eating a vegetarian diet and concentrating on getting healthy and hopefully weight loss will follow. Thank to all my readers for their ongoing support.