Sunday, July 30, 2006

What do you think?

I am thinking of changing one thing. As of the way my schedule is now, I Weigh In and have my Super High Points Day on Monday. I am thinking that maybe it makes more sense to have it on Saturday or Sunday when Prince Charming is home and I am more likely want the extra points. I am going to go ahead and have on Monday this week and pending some thought and your thoughts on it as well, I will make the change next week.

Food for today:

5 points--raisin biscuit
0 points--coffee
1 point--yogurt
3 points--cookies
0 points--coffee
4 points--cod and veggies
1 point--timbit
7 1/2 points--cheesecake
1 point--yogurt
1 1/2 point--cookie
24 points--total for Sunday

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