Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gonna Give it a go

I am gonna give it a go. I figure if I find it doesn't work for me I can go back to the way I was doing it before. I think I like the idea of changing it up a little. I am gonna do it like I had already lost the next five pounds because I don't see starting something new and then in a week or two having to adjust my points down a little. I switched day one and day two so that before I weigh in I have two low point days in a row. So here is what i will be doing:

POINTS TARGET - 24 (Weigh 175 - 199 lbs)

Day 1 - 29 points
Day 2 - 24 points
Day 3 - 25 points
Day 4 - 39 points Super High Day (SHD)
Day 5 - 24 points
Day 6 - 28 points
Day 7 - 26 points

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