Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have been struggling. Mostly because I am trying to balance my diet with an extremely tight budget and living in a small town that has very limited variety available. But I have decided that I need to get back to basics. I need to quit trying to figure out new ways of doing this and just cut it back to it's simplest form and what worked for me. And basically that was:

- no added fat
- no sugar (sugar gives me cravings and makes me overeat)
- no meat or animal products.

That's it. As simple as that. I can do that. So, this morning I posted all the recipes I had planned on posting that didn't fit into that mold. I need to get back at this as best I can. It is good for me, it makes me feel healthier and I deserve to feel good and lose weight.

As for my weigh-in this week, I am pretending not to notice that being sick has made me overeat like crazy and that I am actually up five pounds this week, while I cough and hack and wheeze myself silly.


2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

I'm sorry about the hard time your facing. I too have to try to eat healthy on a tight budget. It Sucks!! About the 5 lbs its ok dont even stress about it you have lost so much already this will just motivate you more. Who knows this might make the diet that just worked for you become that kick ass diet you wanted. Good luck and keep your head up You will loose that 5 again plus a lot more in a short time. Feel free to follow our page or just stop by for support or anything we are here if you need us Good luck again and congrats on what you have already accomplished -Kim-

bayoubabe said...

Pray you are feeling better :) I really have NO excuse (except today's my birthday) to overeat :)

Just remember to drik plenty of fluids.. I have photos on my site if you'd like a diversion from my party :0

take it easy :)

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