Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan Changes

Starting on this vegan way of eating has been a real learning process for me. I have been researching and reading and as I do I realize there are things I can change (and have) to make my vegan food better. I learned that tofu is soooo much better if it is browned (yuummmmy!) and I learned that mushrooms take longer to cook than onions and will retain more of their mushroom flavor if you cook them up to the point that they are releasing their juices before adding onions. I am learning new recipes, finding a new normal and having fun doing it. The best thing is that I am getting my energy back, I am finding myself singing while I work, being silly with my girls, being more energetic and finding even more improvements in my body! If this is what being vegan does to me, I am so glad I made the change!

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Soundly Vegan said...

Right on! You'll figure it out with time and one day you'll look back in time to the place you are now and smile fondly. Everyone has to start somewhere and it's incredibly hard at times to keep soldiering on, but you can do it.

How do I know that you can do it? Because I did it. I radically changed my life's habits and attitudes, lost a hundred pounds, and became far healthier through new practices which included better food choices.

Warmest regards,


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