Tuesday, May 18, 2010

black bean burgers with homemade salsa

These are so good and easy to make.


4 cloves of minced garlic( I used garlic powder)
1 15 oz. can of black beans
1/2c. cooked brown rice
2 c. rolled oats
sea salt

1. mix black beans, garlic, cumin, salt and brown rice in a food processer
2. put in a bowl and mix in the oats. Then form patties and grill for 3-5 min. on each side.
3. I served it in a corn tortilla with tomato, lettuce and homemade salsa

Homemade salsa

1 can of diced tomatoe(or fresh)
garlic powder or garlic
sea salt

1. take tomatoes and jalepeno out of a jar. Pulse in food processor until jaleponoes are smaller.
2. add garlic powder, sea salt and a handful of cilantro. Pulse until cilantro is in smaller pieces.
3. Serve.

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