Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Failure to plan is planning to fail

My diet is going well. I am sticking to it and feeling good. My favorite snack is fruit smoothies. Yummy! I am making soup for my lunch and supper today.

I am really trying to be strict about my fat intake and I can feel a difference. I will admit that two of the days I was out last week, I didn't do as well, but I was back at it as soon as I got home and I have been back at it ever since.

I made the decision that when I am planning on going out, I have to plan for my food and snacks better. I have low blood sugar, I can't wait until my sugar drops and then try to make a rational decision on what I am going to eat. So from now on, when I am going out, I am taking some snacks with me, I am planning ahead on where and when I am going to eat.

Failure to plan is after all planning to fail!

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