Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Descriptions of my plan

I am doing a McDougall/Ornish diet. I have described them both on here:

I have decided I am going to relax. I am going to stop worrying about how fast I lose. If I eat well, I will lose. I am just going to aim for feeling good, getting active and eating well and the rest will follow. I need to stop waffling, stick with a plan that feels good and get at the heart of the thing and just do it. So here I am . . . Doing it!

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Come on in for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about my weight loss journey as well as all the healthy recipes I have found, including WW points and/or nutritional information if available. I am eating a vegetarian diet and concentrating on getting healthy and hopefully weight loss will follow. Thank to all my readers for their ongoing support.