Saturday, March 20, 2010

Items on the menu

Deciding on the right diet plan is tough sometimes. My goal is simple, I want to be a healthier, smaller, me. But the path to get me there is sometimes unclear. I sometimes feel like I am sitting in a restaurant, happily enjoying my meal (my diet plan). But as I eat, waiters (successful dieters) are going by with all the other delicious items (diet plans) on the menu and I look up from my choice and look longingly at the other items that are passing me by, thinking, "Oh look that worked for them, I'll have what they're having". Thinking, "This one is good, but that one looks good too. Oh I like that one! and what about that one?" For me, the destination is so much more important than how I got there. I just want to get to the healthier place and my mind whirls with all the options available, I am not sure which way is best for me. You see like food on a menu tastes different to each person depending you personal tastes, diets work differently depending on your metabolism and your lifestyle. I know certain things I want included in my plan, I am just trying to the exact right thing for me, tasting a little of each item until I find the one that works for my metabolism and my life.

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