Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gotta Wear Shades

I am feeling better about the brightness of the future of this weight loss venture. One thing that has been a problem is budget. I can't afford to get special foods for me. But this plan that I have come up with is basically a GI diet. And I can make the foods that I cook for everyone be GI diet friendly. I printed off a list of Green Light, Yellow Light and Red light foods from the GI diet plan. I can grocery shopping for the Green light foods and we will be healthy and find.

On this plan I will still concentrate on low fat, whole foods and I will go plant-based as much as I can. But if I don't have a plant based meal available to me, I will still be able to eat on-plan. And in this way, I will be sneaking healthy eating into my family's life as well.

Tomorrow I will weigh in and survey the damage from fall from the wagon. I will let you know how badly I have fallen. I will not let it get me down. It is only a fall, I can get back up and do this again. I know that I can lose weight, I have done it before and it took me a couple of different diets to get it done that time. There is no failure except the failure to get back up and keep going.

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