Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good on a bad day and coming to a decision

For all I had a bad (read also as high-fat) meal yesterday, I did good the rest of the day. I even thought about whether I was going to let it be a completely off day and have a snack of some of the Princesses' chocolate cookies last night. But I was a good girl and opted to have a large glass of water and decided to make only the meal an off-diet moment instead of the whole day. That was a minor success for me.

The healthier I eat, the better I feel and the more I am motivated to eat healthy. (I did have a bad stomach after my cheat meal yesterday, so it was good reminder about why I eat the way I do) I know that while I have been eating low-fat vegetarian (not vegan), milk does bother my stomach considerably. So why not go low-fat vegan? And I know that coffee bothers my stomach too, so why not switch to yummy herbal teas. There are some great ones out there. I will have to make these changes a little at a time as I can afford to switch out my groceries. But the more changes I make to feel better, the closer I find myself getting to McDougall's way of eating. I have decided that Dr. McDougall's way of eating is my ultimate goal. It is a filling, healthy way of eating that avoids all the foods that bother my digestive system.

I really like the information available on his website. You can tell that he truly wants people to better their lives because everything you need to get started is available on his site for free (be sure to scroll through the drop down menu on the side of the page).
  1. Good prepackaged foods
  2. The Free McDougall Program
  3. McDougall Mealplan (menus and recipes)
  4. Forums with unlimited support

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