Monday, October 27, 2008

TurnAround Program clarifications

The following is a list of clarifications to the Core Plan and corrections to the TurnAround Program materials which are currently in use. Enjoy!



Page 25 - Corn kernels should be checked as Core.

Page 25 - Creamed corn should not be checked as Core.

Page 55 - Tahini 2 Tbsp is 2 POINTS not 5.

Page 82 - Boar's Head, Hormel, and Schneiders (Canada) Canadian bacon should be checked as Core.

Page 94 - Bush's vegetarian baked beans should not be checked as Core.

Page 123 - Fiber One should be checked as Core.

Page 124 - All Bran Extra Fiber should be checked as Core.

Page 126 - Post 100% Bran should not be checked as Core (it has 6g sugar).

Page 135 - Under Cheese Substitute heading all Galaxy Foods listings should be checked as Core.

Page 138 - Foster Farms variety packs chicken breast should not be checked as Core.

Page 170 - Under sour cream heading, Blue Bunny, Breakstones, Friendship, and Knudsen fat-free sour cream should be checked as Core.

Page 270 - Under Popcorn, Act II's 94% fat free regular popcorn should be checked as Core.

Page 314 Campbells Soup Green Pea should be checked as Core.

Page 316 - Campbells Select Soup Herb Chicken with Roasted Vegetables is not Core (it contains pasta).

Page 318 - Campbells Chunky Split Pea and Ham should be checked as Core.

Page 319 - Campbells Select Tomato Garden should not be Core (it contains pasta).

Page 319 - Campbells Select Fiesta vegetable should not be Core (it contains rice).

Page 236 - Oscar Meyer Luncheon Meats Deli Style Honey Ham 3 slices is 1 POINT not 2. The variation in portion size for the same POINTS value for a number of the luncheon meats is due to the difference in weight per serving.

Dining Out Companion:

Page 13 - Arby's Reduced-Calorie Buttermilk Ranch salad dressing should not be Core.

Page 112 - Old Country Buffet pickled beets should not be Core.

Page 115 - Old Country Buffet white dinner roll should be 2 POINTS (not 0).

Page 128 - KFC Original Recipe® Chicken drumstick should not be Core.


Page 27 - 2 tsp of olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed oil will be added (in future printings) to the oils list in place of statement in italics underneath list.

Page 38 - Weight Watchers Smoothie should state made with water instead of made with milk.


Week 4 Cooking with the TurnAround program - Regular ground turkey should be checked as a Core food.

Higher Pro/Higher Carb menu guides - All bran-type cereal and ground meat substitute (crumbles) should be checked as Core.


Game meats are not considered Core foods. They will be reevaluated in the future.

94% fat free kettle corn is not a Core food due to its abuse potential.

The asterisks next to milk products on the Menu Guides indicate that these items count TOWARDS a milk serving, not that they are a milk serving in the portion listed.

Core Foods are NOT 0-POINTS foods. Therefore if a food that is not a Core food is 0-POINTS it does not make it a Core food. A non-Core food such as Cool Whip even if 0 POINTS is counted as part of the weekly POINTS Allowance on the Core Plan. Use the calories, fat, and fiber information to determine the POINTS value for more than one serving.

When using Core ingredients to make recipes, the finished product should be a Core food. For example using cornmeal, eggs, Splenda and fat-free milk to make corn bread or corn muffins is not OK as bread products including muffins, tortillas etc. are not Core foods. Making ice cream from fat-free milk and Splenda is not OK because ice cream is not a Core food.

Sugar-free gum is a Core food. A member may have more than one piece.

Juice made using a juicer is not a Core food (juices of any kind are not Core).

Whole-wheat pasta with the word "enriched" preceding it is still a Core food.

The oils listed are recommended as they are a good source of Vitamin E. Oil capsules or seeds (flaxseeds) cannot be substituted.

For the Flex Plan, members will need to count 2 tsp of the recommended oils as part of their Daily POINTS Target or weekly POINTS Allowance.

Low-carb pastas and pasta made from any grain other than whole wheat are not Core foods.

Flour of any kind is not a Core food, which means that oatmeal and cornmeal ground into flour are not Core.

Fat-free half and half, fat-free Cool Whip and fat-free cream cheese are not Core foods.

Fresh roasted turkey or roast beef cooked at the deli are Core.

Fast food fried chicken can be considered Core if all skin and coating is removed before eating.

Fat-free sugar free (light) yogurts are not Core foods due to their abuse potential.

Bread is not a Core food even if it has 0 POINTS.

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