Friday, September 5, 2008

Diet Dilemma

I am having a crisis of diet. I totally believe in the low carb way of eating. I truly believe that it is the fastest and easiest way for me to lose weight, however, I have quite a few stomach issues that I won't bother to go into here. These issues limit the foods I can eat. I find myself reacting to foods and barring them from my diet so much that on this diet, I am severly restricted. Most meats and most fat totally bother me, to the point that I can eat very little of them. But then when I don't eat them, there is not much else here that I can eat. I am a little stuck. To the point that I am really reconsidering my diet.

I chose this diet because it fits in with how Prince Charming eats. I wouldn't have to spend extra money on me. But maybe I should consider spending the extra money on me that I would on a different diet, if it means that I can lose weight and feel good at the same time.


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

You might want to consider the Glycemic Load diet. I believe that this diet is where Dr. Atkins' research would have eventually led him. It is very much like Atkins Maintenance.

Vikki said...

I agree with Sugar Bush that or maybe South Beach. It limits the fat but is still fairly low carb. It includes more carbs than Atkins, but they are lower glycemic carbs. It was too high in carbs from me, but works wonderfully well for my sister who had her galbladder removed and doesn't process fat well. Whatever you decide, remember your worth the extra money. You have take care of yourself in order to take care of the rest of the "Charming" family...

Jennifer said...

It does sound like the fat is too much for you, plus you seem to have had meat/protein overload. I'm sorry you're not feeling well on the diet and I hope you find a way of eating that still eliminates junk carbs, but allows you more of the good carbs right up front. It seems it was time for you to move from induction onto OWL rungs and at the same time reduce your fat intake a bit. Some people get stuck on induction too long, probably because it is so effective for more rapid weight loss. In the end, you will need to be mindful of calories. Also, always remember to drink lots of water on any diet, which aids digestion, and greatly helps the kidneys with their work.

All the best! Let us know what you decide. Hope you will keep blogging, as you have a talent for it, plus your blog looks gorgeous (another talent, no doubt)!

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