Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Core Food Roundup

Here are some weight watchers core shopping list must-haves and some suggested ways to enjoy them.

In the Dairy Case Recommended Uses
Eggs and liquid egg white Omelets/frittatas
Fat-free shredded cheese Broccoli and cheddar baked potato
Fat-free sour cream and cottage cheese Great baked potato toppings (add herbs and spices to taste) and dip bases
Fat-free Yogurt Mix with puffed rice cereal and stir in some chopped fresh fruit (people recommend Greek yogurt for its creamy, pudding-like texture)
Skim milk Banana Couscous Pudding and Fruit Parfait
Tofu Stir-fries, smoothies and creamy dessert toppings like Autumn Fruit with Tofu Whipped Topping

Canned Goods Recommended Uses
Beans – any kind Chili and minestrone soup
Chickpeas and Hominy Season and roast for a crunchy snack
Fat-free Evaporated Milk To add creaminess to Cream of Potato Soup
Fruit (packed in water or own juice) Smoothies
Salsa Use as salad dressing, a baked potato topping or vegetable dip
Soup Quick lunch or snack (Campbell and Progresso have many Core options)
Tomatoes – diced, whole, seasoned Add zing to Mexican casseroles with canned diced tomatoes with jalapeno (Rotel brand gets rave reviews from our users)
Tuna (packed in water) Salade Niçoise

Frozen Foods Recommended Uses
Chopped onions Caramelize for a burger topping
Cubed winter squash Creamy squash soup
Tri-color peppers strips Stir-fries or fajitas
Unsweetened fruit Instant smoothies (since the fruit is frozen, no need to add ice)
Veggie Burgers/Soy Burgers Break up and serve over a baked potato topped with fat-free shredded cheese and tomato sauce (Popular brands include Morningstar Farms and Boca Burger)

Fresh Items Recommended Uses
Avocado Guacamole
Baking Potatoes Homemade Potato Skins
Cauliflower Mock mashed 'potatoes'
Fish Season and bake with a cornmeal or oatmeal crust
Fruit, fruit, fruit! Snacks and oatmeal mix-ins/toppers
Garlic and Ginger Flavor boosters
Lean ground turkey breast Meatballs/meatloaf
Lean beef Season with a fajita seasoning mix and make fajitas with peppers and onions
Preshredded carrots Toss into salads or casseroles
Roast chicken Remove the skin, cube and make fresh chicken salad
Spaghetti Squash Bake and use the spaghetti-like flesh as a pasta substitute
Veggies, veggies, veggie Raw, stir-fried, roasted, steamed (check out a farmer's market for the freshest, cheapest options)

Packaged Goods Recommended Uses
94% fat-free microwavable popcorn Toss with Splenda and cinnamon for your own 'Kettle Corn"
Brown Basmati Rice Toss with fresh chopped scallions (Texmati Brand comes highly recommended)
Cornmeal Polenta 'lasagna' (prepare polenta and slice into thin 'sheets')
Fat-free, sugar-free gelatin and pudding Homemade frozen pudding pops and parfaits
Fat-free salad dressings Meat and poultry marinades
Quick-cooking grains like couscous and instant brown rice Side dishes such as Apricot Couscous
Seasonings In-a-flash flavoring for all your protein choices, grains, beans and vegetables (Mrs. Dash and Molly McButter are often suggested)
Soup Mixes Easy take-to-work lunches (Fantastic Foods has many options)
Whole wheat pasta Try Spiced Chicken Cacciatore (Hodgson Mill and Westbrae Natural brands gets lots of community mentions for their pastas)

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