Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Low Carb Vegetarian Sample Grocery list


- hard cheeses like swiss and cheddar
- grated or shredded cheeses like parmesan, romano and gruyere
- string cheeses like mozzarella
- curd cheeses like ricotta, cottage cheese and dry curd or farmer’s cheese)
–Whole milk (plain) yogurt
–Whole milk unsweetened (plain) kefir (higher protein than yogurt and lower carb)
–Cream cheese (flavoured on not, but unsweetened and full fat)
–Neufchatel cheese if you want a lower fat version of cream cheese
–cream and milk
- half and half
- heavy cream or whipping cream in the carton
- unsweetened whipped cream in the aerosol can
–sour cream (to thicken pan juices or a shake, or to make a dip)

GROCERY AISLES or bulk foods

–Nuts (almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts)
–Seeds (sunflower, sesame, pine nuts)
–packaged or canned vegetable or mushroom broths (I like Pacific Organics, but some store brands are also great)
–Spices: whatever you like, but at least cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, dry mustard, chile powder, cumin, granulated garlic, dry mustard, dried red chile flakes, peppercorns or ground pepper, sea salt. Buy in small quantities and keep from heat and light.
–herbs (dried or fresh): oregano, basil, bay leaf, dill weed, tarragon, chives and whatever else you really like. Buy in small quantities and keep from heat and light.
–Mustard (grainy, yellow, with horseradish…just read the label!)
–dill pickles
–variety of vinegars (balsamic, raspberry, red or white wine, sushi vinegar)
–canned coconut milk (make these into cubes by freezing in ice cube tray for SweetiePie’s Mounds Bar Smoothie.)
–flavorings (get the REAL stuff!)
- hazelnut, chocolate, almond, vanilla, maple, rum
–instant coffee or expresso (for shakes)
–frozen, pre-made quiche mix
–assortment of extra virgin or expeller pressed/cold pressed oils: olive, sunflower, macadamia nut, walnut
–pumpkin (canned, unsweetened–make these into cubes by freezing in ice cube tray for SweetiePie’s Pumpkin Pie Smoothie.)
–nut butters (unsweetened)
–low-carb salad dressing (check the label!)
–good quality Worcestershire sauce
–Asian Sesame Oil, Olive Oil
–home made or store bought “dry rubs”
–course salt & gourmet peppercorns
–hot sauce
–assortment of green, black and herb teas without sweeteners
–assortment of coffees
–Unsweetened baking chocolate (the hard kind)
–Cocoa powder (baking cocoa, unsweetened)
–Soy Flour
–Gluten Flour (vital wheat gluten)
–Oat Flour
–Flax Seed (refrigerate at home)
–Nut flours (refrigerate at home)
–Crystal light - all flavours (great in the fruit smoothie shakes)
–Pizza Quick sauce or other tomato sauce for lc tortilla “pizzas”
–SF jello and pudding mixes
–Diced canned tomatoes in juice, with or without green chiles
–V8 juice


–Wasa crisp rye crackers
–Low-carb bread (check ‘light’ or ‘diet’ breads that have less than 40 calories/slice)
–Low Carb crackers (Stonewall Kitchens, Nut Thins)
–Low-carb tortillas (La Tortilla Factory tortillas)
–High Fibre whole wheat melba toast
–Whole Wheat Pita Bread (Joseph’s reduced carb pitas with oat bran and wheat protein isolate)

PREPACKAGED VEGETARIAN CHOICES (make sure to check the labels)

–Boca Burgers
–White Wave Seitan, plain
–packaged tofu
–frozen edamame
–any prepped tofu or gluten based creations in the case that meet your tastes and meal requirements
–texturized vegetable protein (TVP)


–Cucumbers - (a great crunchy snack if you cut in slices
and top with cream cheese and smoked salmon or caviar)
–Frozen *UNSWEETENED* berries or melon chunks, to put in shakes, make sorbet
–fresh melon
–fresh berries
–carrots (the baby size, pre packaged)
–frozen chopped spinach or other frozen greens (many recipes call for this)
–bagged pre-washed salad greens (makes having salads so much easier!)
–frozen green beans
–yellow squash and zucchini
–spaghetti squash
–fresh and frozen veggies, generally including:
fresh broccoli florets
salad fixings (fresh greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, cukes)
lemons and limes
herbs & chilies
–Red Cabbage (great for salads and wraps)
–onions (green, red, sweet and cooking)

MISCELLANEOUS (order from the web or specialty stores)

–Protein Powder (also try GNC or local health stores)
–Protein Bars
–Protein Crunch cereal (Hi-Lo and others)
–Vitamins (also try GNC, health food stores, Wal-Mart)And last but not least, lots of bottles of dry red and white wine!!!

And last but not least, dry red and white wines and a good bottle of vermouth!

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