Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well that is a first

TOM came today. I am surprised I lost weight yesterday with TOM in consideration. I NEVER do. I am usually happy if I can manage to maintain and then hold on for a loss the following week. Well, I am pleasantly surprised and I will take the loss with a smile.

Oh my I just saw a peak of sun outside. It is has been so long since I have seen a peak of sun in this cloudy drizzly place i was beginning to wonder if it had gone south for the winter. but there it was peaking out at me for a half a second before deciding this is indeed to far north for us to get to enjoy the sun for any length of time.

I am doing good today with my diet. I haven't had any high points items yet. I did celebrate my 61 lbs yesterday by having a chicken burger at Dairy Queen, but I didn't have chips and I didn't have ice cream so I figure I did okay considering it was my high points day anyway.


Jill said...

I'm so happy for you and how well you're doing! You have such an awesome attitude! :-) It sounds like nothing will stand in your way of your goal. I want to be like you!
Have a terrific day,

digitalGoobie said...

Yipee on the loss!! Good for you! Sucks about the TOM thing but oh well, yay loss!!!

And that chicken burger sounds so yummy... mmm.. I haven't had one from Harveys in forever - they have my favorite. Though, I've never tried Dairy Queen.

3treasures said...

Congrats on the lose. 61 lbs gone!!!...that's awesome. Keep up the great work.

Living to Feel Good said...

I think you did great with the sandwich. My husband and I tend to go way over board sometimes on our "free" nights.

Again congrats on the loss. Very exciting. My husband just celebrated his 65lb loss this morning at our meeting. He's actually lost 67. something. It's so thrilling.

You are doing great! Keep it up. BTW you've made your page even more snazzier. Is that a word? Hahaha love it!

April said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!!! WooHoo!!! I know exactly what you mean. When you lose during TOM that is extra awesome!!!


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