Saturday, September 2, 2006

Saturday Weigh-In

I am down to 195 lbs! That proves that last weeks 203 lbs was just because I was retaining fluid because I was sick!

I am doing good today, foodwise. I made veggie chili last night and it was really good even if we did only eat half of it!?!

I spent all day yesteday wandering around malls and stuff spending time with my friend, Notsosnowwhite. It was fun and we were really good with our food. I am proud of us. Today we are going to have a few treats, including a medival dinner we are preparing ourselves and getting dressed for that should be fun and I am taking pictures!


April said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! WooHOO!!! You are doing great!!

The medevil night sounds awesome!!! We have a castle not far from us that I would love to go visit someday. They have the whole nine yards, jousting, food, etc... :-)

Living to Feel Good said...

WooHOooo! Back in onderland. Love it. Can't wait to see the pictures!! You must post them!! Have fun!!

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