Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tales from the Scale

OMG I am up sooo much this week. I am 203 lbs!!!! I was 196 last week. There is no way I ate enough to be up that much!!! I will not let it get to me. I will NOT get depressed.

And tonight I am getting dragged to a wedding for someone I despise. But I am being a good girl and going with a smile on my face. I was out yesterday helping to get the hall ready for this person and I almost passed out from low blood sugar while waiting for some form of healthy food to come my way. I have no idea what I ate after that. I was kind of foggy and sick for a while.

I am still going to try to be good and eat good today and I am going to keep going to the gym.


digitalGoobie said...

Ignore the scale and just try to stay on track Hun, and geeze! Make sure you eat something before you go to this wedding if you're going to try to avoid things, no passing out!

I feel for you about the entire wedding thing, best of luck, and it'll be over soon enough hopefully!

Living to Feel Good said...

I know you've been going to the gym alot, have you been eating your activity points? Your body could be going into starve mode since you are working out alot. It happened to me. I was running alot one week getting tons of exercise in, and I had a gain. My leader told me it was because I needed to eat my AP and that my body had gone into starve mode. The next week when I ate my AP I had a loss.

In any case, don't let this bug you. You are working so hard, that I know it will go back down. Don't give up because you are doing GREAT!

Cory said...

Your body is quite possibly getting used to the work out. If you are working out you are going to have some gains that are muscle mass. Just remember, some gains are good things! The muscle will burn your calories better.

Cocomolly said...

I was seeing that sort of gain when I'd jump on and off the scale each day. I'd go to bed and be 185 and then wake up the next day and it would show 182 and then I'd hop on it once more before bed that night and it would say 193. WHAT???? SO I know how you feel. But you're gonna hafta quit looking at that little booger. I know it's tempting, but it'll mess with your head and your willpower if you let it. So... quit giving it the power to upset you :)

Meanwhile... how what the wedding? Oh... hop over to my blog and see the recipe I posted. I know you love recipes so I wanted to make sure you saw it. I can't believe it was so yummy! :)

Have a super weekend and hide that scale!!!!


Oun said...

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