Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi Ho

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to the gym I go. I am going to the gym this morning. I am a little sore from Saturday but nothing major. I really considered going back to bed after she left for Daycare, but I decided not to. Be proud of me, my bed was calling out to me loud and clear!

Do you watch Big Brother? I was heartbroken when Howie left. It is so sad that his friend took him out. They didn't show on the television how completely devistated and heartbroken Janelle was.

I feel like this is a going to be a great day. I know I will stay on track and starting off with a trip to the gym is a good way to go. I do wish I had something nice to wear to the gym though. Oh well, at least I am going that is the important part.

Food for Monday:

  • 2 points--ww tortilla
  • 2 points--peanut butter
  • 1 point--jelly
  • 0 points--coffee
  • 2 points--rice crispy square
  • 4 points--egg omelet
  • 2 points--fruit
  • 6 points--chicken and tomatoes
  • 13 points--chinese food
  • 32 points--total for today
  • (goal 28 points regular and 7 points activity points=35 points)


Amy said...

Starting off with the gym first thing in the morning is a great start to a day. I have really been thinking about trying to hit the gym in the morning. I stay on program so much better when I'm working out.
Hope you have an awesome day!

digitalGoobie said...

I didn't see BB7 last night, since I was at the wedding - but I heard about it this morning. That sucks that Howie was kicked out. I wasn't a huge fan of his, but he was Janelle's alliance! Really, the only one who WOULDN'T vote her out. Sucks.

Good job on getting yourself out the door and to the gym, I could use some motivation today - care to share some?

3treasures said...

Morning workout is not my thing, the bed usually wins, but once i force myself to get up and finish with it, it's great and i feel FANTASTIC the whole day....hope you had a good time at the gym.Happy loosing everybody!

Zhaan said...

Splurge and get yourself some new gym duds. :) You derserve it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Living to Feel Good said...

WooHOooo! The gym YES!! :) Good job.

Love Big Brother right now!! I want Will or Janelle to win!! I hope James is outta here on Thursday! I've hated him for weeks!!

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