Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I vow in regards to my weightloss:

I will not give up and decide halfway is good enough
I will remain proud of myself and my accomplishments
I will NOT snack on my little princess's leftovers
I will NOT be influenced by Prince Charming and the Little Princess's food
I will NOT obsess about this to the degree that I get unhealthy
I will NOT start to do crazy things in pursuit of short term success
I will remember that I am worth buying the food I need to be a healthier me
I will remember that I am doing this for the feeling I get when I look in the mirror and not for anyone else
I will not teach my daughter to hate her body
I will be proud of me and all my accomplishments
I will NOT decide that my diet is over and now I can go back to my other way of eating
I will realize that weight control is a lifelong problem that I have had and I will always have to be thinking about it
I will NOT let my weight, whatever it may be, define my selfworth.
Prince Charming told me today that he thought I looked amazing. He said he was proud of me and if he were to guess what I weighed he would have thought about 20 lbs lighter. woohoo. That is so nice to hear.

Food for today

coffee--0 points
whole grain bread--1 point
low fat cream cheese--1 point
sugar free/fat free yogurt--1 point
coffee--0 points
low fat candy--2 point
whole wheat tortilla--2 point
tuna and hummus--2 point
chicken breast and veggies--5 point
crispy square--2 point
yogurt and orange--2 point
whole grain bread and low fat cream cheese--2 point
low fat candy--2 point

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