Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday: Thirteen Things I vow

I will not allow stress to affect my eating habits
I will not eat my little princess's leftovers (I am not a puppy to be eating tablescraps)
I will not allow money troubles to be my excuse to overeat.
I will eat all of my points
I will not eat more than my points
I will not obsess over the scales
I will not weigh myself fifteen times a day, this way lies obsession
I will not obsess over my food thinking about it all the time
I will get outside and get active
I will teach my little princess that food is fun and nothing to be scared of
I will teach my little princess to like vegetables
I will try to my food for Prince Charming and my little princess that is healthier, they deserve to be healthy too
I will be a healthier and happier me
Food for today:

2 points--egg white omelet
1 point--ww bread
1 point--low fat cream cheese
0 points-coffee
2 points--granola bar
2 points--tortilla
2 points--peanut butter
1 point--jelly
1 point--yogurt
1 1/2 points--cookie
6 points--eggwhite omelet
1 point--yogurt
1 point--ww bread
1 point--low fat cream cheese
1/2 point--hummus
1 point--yogurt
24 points--total for Thursday

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