Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Party Snacks

  • A great "pizza" is to take a crust (your own or store bought) and spread pureed beans on for "sauce". We like great nothern pureed with a little garlic and just enough water to make it spread. We've also used chick-peas. On top of that spread carmelized onions (you can carmelize in water it just takes longer.) Bake like you would pizza.
  • A pea guac sounds great. You can do similar thing before like a thick split pea soup that can be used as dip for tortilla or veggies. Just take dry split peas, carrots, onions or whatever you usually put in your split pea soup and add water only not quite as much as for soup, cook till it's thick. You can also cool and blend it to make it smoother. Sorry I don't have exact measurements.
  • Another Great one is a lot like buffalo wings: stuff celery with tofutti cream cheese and serve with a bottle of Milkhenny's red hot pepper sauce! Same tast as buffalo wings but much more healthy for you!
  • a veggie tray (broccoli spears, celery, carrots, red-yellow-green pepper 'scoops', portabella mushrooms, kalmata olives and a vegan ranch dressing/dip. Also, pita chips and lemon hummus.
  • Pita and/or veggies dipped in hummus and/or baba ganouj
  • Baked tortilla chips and homemade salsa
  • Kettle corn (just add a few tablespoons of sugar just as it starts popping, then salt the result)
  • Chili and cornbread if it's in the winter
  • Bruschetta (baguette slices baked, then spread with a little roasted garlic and topped with chopped tomatoes and basil)
  • Roasted garbanzo beans
  • Kebabs (with veggies, seitan, tofu -- whatever is on hand)
  • Fresh bread and homemade jam to spread on it (You can offer butter, but it's not required)
  • homemade chili beans
  • whirled peas guacamole: thaw a box of frozen peas, and blend, using as a substute for avocado in your favorite guacamole recipe.

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