Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here are some ideas for foods that you substitute for higher calorie versions:

Fat Free cottage cheese - a great high protein snack for me
Soy Milk or Skim Milk - instead of 2% or whole
2% cheese or Fat Free cheese (depends on if we want it to melt or not)- instead of full fat cheese
Whole grain breads - instead of white bread
Veggie burgers - instead of hamburgers
Egg beaters - instead of whole eggs
Unsweetened shredded wheat - instead of frosted mini wheats
Light Sour Cream -instead of full fat
2% milk instead
Laughing Cow cheese wedges or light whipped cream cheese - instead of full fat
1 pt 45 cal bread - instead of regular white
Boca Burgers - instead of hamburgers
Portion Controlled snacks - instead of big bags of chips / cookies / etc.
Turkey Burger or Beefalo - instead of beef
97% fat free hot dogs - instead of full fat
Light Mayo with olive oil - instead of regular full fat
Light soups instead of regular canned soup
Lower cal cereals - instead of anything over 100 - 150 calories per cup
Plain quick cooking oats - instead of pre-sweetened oatmeal
Chili and a Side Salad - instead of the Big Bacon Classic at Wendy's
Brown rice - instead of potatoes
water with meals - instead of calorie ridden drinks
ground turkey or chicken - instead of ground beef
cube steaks -instead of cubes made from lean pork rather than beef.
Land-o-Lakes Lite (half butter w/canola oil) instead of butter, can also switch
more salmon and boneless, skinless chicken breast filets and Less beef

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