Saturday, March 27, 2010

The GI Diet

Explanation of the GI Diet:

Rick Gallop's "The GI Diet" is one version of a glycemic index based diet. He splits food into 3 groups:

(eat freely)

Bakery: 100 per cent stoneground wholemeal bread; wholegrain, high-fibre breads (about 3g of fibre per slice)

Fish: all fresh fish; fish tinned in water; sashimi; smoked fish; squid; mussels; oysters; prawns; lobster; fresh crab; fresh clams

Meat: lean minced beef; back bacon; lean deli ham; tenderloin; chicken, game or turkey breast without skin; veal; venison

Pasta: all unadorned pasta - wholemeal is even better

Grains: barley; basmati rice; brown rice; quinoa, buckwheat; bulgur wheat; wild rice

Fruit and vegetables: all fresh green vegetables; tomatoes; peppers; fresh peas; carrots; cauliflower; mushrooms; new potatoes; most fresh fruit

Dairy: skimmed milk; cottage cheese; non-fat yogurt

Drinks: water; decaffeinated coffee; diet soft drinks (without caffeine); light instant chocolate; weak tea

Also: tinned tomatoes, tomato puree; dried beans; low-fat baked beans; tinned chick peas; tinned butter beans; vinegar; olive oil; low-fat low sugar dressings; olives; hummus

(very limited quantities)

Bakery: wholemeal pitta bread; rye bread; sourdough; thin wholemeal pizza crust; wholegrain breads

Fish: salt cod; seafood salads

Meat: sirloin beef; fresh ham; pork shank; roast or casseroled chicken or turkey; turkey bacon; lamb loin chops

Pasta: rice noodles; basil pesto

Fruit and veg: artichokes; corn; beetroot; pumpkin; squash; sweet potatoes; apricots; bananas; mango; pineapple

Drinks: most unsweetened juice; non-alcoholic beer; vegetable juices; diet soft drinks with caffeine

Dairy: one per cent fat milk; low-fat cream cheese; low-fat cheese; low-fat mozzarella; soya cheese

Also: most tinned vegetables; sesame oil; vegetable oil; sunflower oil

(avoid these)

Bakery: bagels; baguette; croissants; crumpets; white bread

Fish: breaded fish or seafood; seafood pate

Meat: sausages; beef on the bone; streaky bacon; spare ribs; duck; goose; offal

Pasta: pasta filled with meat or cheese; pasta sauces with added sugar; cream sauces

Grains: arborio rice; millet; instant rice

Vegetables: broad beans; parsnips; swede; turnips; mashed or baked potatoes; melons, including watermelon; tinned peas

Dairy: cream; full-fat milk; goats' milk; rice milk; most cheese; full-fat yogurt; sour cream

Drinks: all sweetened drinks; coffee; alcohol; sports drinks; tonic water; watermelon juice

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