Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chili Dog Casserole

  • 4 Fat Free Hot Dog Buns (1 point each)
  • 8 Fat Free Hotdogs (1 point each)
  • 1/4 Cup Diced Onion
  • 2 Tablespoons Prepared Mustard
  • 1 (15 oz.) Can Hormel 99% Fat Free Turkey Chili with Beans
  • 1 Cup Fat Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Break buns and place in the bottom of a 9X13 dish.
  3. Slice hot dogs into bite size pieces and place on evenly on top of buns.
  4. Mix onion, mustard and chili; pour evenly on top of the hotdogs.
  5. Sprinkle cheese evenly on top.
  6. Bake for 30 minutes.
Serves: 4
Points: 5

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