Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Traditional Mediterranean Sweet Or Savory Oranges In Olive Oil 4 Ways


* sliced oranges
* sliced citrus fruits
* garlic
* exceptionally fine olive oil
* sugar
* red onions
* cumin
* mint
* black pepper
* salt
* italian parsley


1. The first way : marinate sliced oranges in olive oil and sliced garlic. (30-60 minutes)
2. The Sicilian way: "insalata di arance" or agrumi" Agrumi being a combination of citrus fruits.
3. The simplest way: sliced oranges or agrumi with olive oil, a small amount of garlic and salt.
4. In Spain: sliced Valencia oranges sprinkled with sugar and served with the very best olive oil or
5. sliced oranges, thinly sliced raw red onions and cumin finished with black pepper, mint, olive oil and salt.
6. In Italy: Sweet Valencia oranges tossed with olive oil red onions and chopped parsley

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