Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out of the house

Well I went out to eat my first meal out since embarking on this GFCF (gluten free/casein free) way of life. I sat down with my husband and I almost made him ask for me. I was feeling embarressed and shy. But when the waiter came, I got brave and got up the gumption to just ask if the meal I was looking at was gluten free. The waiter was wonderful and discussed it with his chef and came back with an answer for me. But after I ate, I paid the price. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong and then it hit me . . . I DIDN'T ask about dairy!!! There was probably butter somewhere or some other dairy lurking where I wasn't expecting it. So lesson learned. I am brave enough to ask, now I just have to remember to be more careful, and ask the right questions. One thing I am going to try to do from now on, is research the restaurant before I leave if possible, trying to have a plan will make things easier.

I went grocery shopping as well. I was thrilled with all the wonderful finds I found at the store. I live in Newfoundland and in the past, I have found that most special foods required on a diet are not available here, but I guess where this is for people who have a medical reason to need it, there are things available. It is by no means cheap, but a little at a time, I will build up my pantry with things that I need. I picked up soy flour this time, next time I will pick up brown rice flour. A little at a time, I will have a good supply of things for myself.

I went through my house and sorted through all the gluten-filled goods and put them all in a cupboard for my family away from easy accidental reach by me. I do so much cooking on auto pilot I need those foods somewhere I have to think about them before I grab them.

(Note: Feeling this good, has motivated other changes. I have switched from coffee, to decaf and now to tea. At this very moment, I am drinking a wonderful honey, ginseng green tea. It is nice to just feel good. I forgot what good feels like.)

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