Thursday, February 12, 2009

One more thing

To add to my excitement, after one too many calls from the school and too many months waiting for our next appointment with the doctor, we have decided to try Princess Belle out on a Gluten free dairy free diet to see if helps her out. Anything at all to improve life for her is worth it. I am just more than a little lost on how to do this for her.

I am at least lucky enough that she has broadened her horizons on which foods she will eat. I will have to stop having her get her lunches at school. I called them and after talking to them, I am convinced that they are completely unaware of what contains gluten. (They said that they could make some accommodations for a gfcf diet like leaving mayo off of her sandwiches!!) After speaking to them, I decided there was no way I could trust them with her diet.

So now I am off to research school lunch ideas. And other ideas on what to feed a gfcf child.


Anonymous said...

I kinda lucked out by accident when I got on Atkins. I discovered that dairy is not my problem after all. The real culprit appears to be 1) wheat (possibly gluten, not all in on that one yet) and 2) corn.
So happy to enjoy cheese and cream again with no ill effects. Good luck on balancing your daughter's nutrition! Yay you!

Alyss said...

Good luck! It will be a hard time, for sure.
My advice for school lunches: get a lunchbox you and Belle like! Then making lunch will be fun :) Get one with rigid containers so you can pack dinner leftovers easily. I use the Laptop Lunchbox ( but there are others out there that might work better.
Check out the flickr group here:
Many of the people who post their lunches here are vegetarian/vegan or low fat, but there are a number of whole fooders, low carbers and just "I don't want to eat McDonalds"ers as well. Lots of great ideas for you, I have no doubt :)
Good luck! I hope Belle gets healthier and happier soon!

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