Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally some answers

As a few of my long-time followers know, I have struggled with my weight-loss journey. I have had health issues that made it hard to know what was the best way to eat. I will share with you that I began to feel like no matter what I ate, I was going to pay afterwards. It is a frustrating way to be. But now I finally have some answers that will effect my weight-loss journey.

I have shared with you all that I have PCOS and while we are trying to have a new baby, PCOS makes this difficult. Well, apparently, I also have a gluten and dairy intolerance (Possibly Celiac but I am waiting for confirmation of that).

Learning to eat without dairy and gluten is like driving in a foreign country, but I am trying to learn my way. It is complicated and I was never aware of how many places gluten and dairy can be hiding. But the good news I have been gluten and dairy free for a few days now and I feel amazing! I can feel myself getting more energy, I no longer pay after each meal. It is wonderful to have the energy to clean my house, to cook some supper, and to care for my family. And feeling good is motivating me to eat healthy, be more active, get moving more.

To this end, I am calling a pause to my low-carb regimen. I want to get the gluten free/dairy free healthier feeling me straight before I add further complications to my diet. I have just published something like twenty or thirty low-carb recipes that are available for you to search for and try.

I plan on sharing more than just recipes for the next while. As I navigate this foreign country of gluten free/dairy free eating, I want to share some of it, document some of it for future reference. I will tell you this much . . . in the past, I have changed diets trying to find the one that suits me and my situation best. But I now that I am starting to feel better, I can't seem me ever going back to eating gluten and dairy again. I can't see feeling that way by choice again. Whatever path my weight-loss journey takes it will be a gluten free/dairy free path.


Oct said...

I'm sorry to hear about your newly discovered challenge, but just want to post a big thank you for all the recipes you've provided to the low carb community. So many that I will be a long long while in trying them all. Please Google "Gluten-free girl" if you haven't already. Her blog was a great inspiration in both enjoying a limited diet, and enjoying life without limit. Even though she isn't low carb, I enjoy her take on life. Best of luck and big hugs to you!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The best of luck to you finding what works best for your body ! Sometimes it feels like you are just trying to navigate a maze in the fog, but eventually you do find the way.

Vikki said...

Hey girl,
I'm sorry you have yet something else to deal with, but so glad you finally found out why you've felt like you have. Sometimes just having answers makes all the difference.
I can't wait to see how well you do, how you adapt and succeed on your journey.
Take care of yourself,

Nina said...

I am so glad to read that you now know what was wrong. I used to be intolerant to diary foods, but then found out it was my birth contol pills that made me so sensitive. I took Yaz for my PMDD & PCOS, but being diagnosed has helped me tremedously! I will keep following your blog to see how you are doing. Would you mind letting me know how gluten made you feel symptom wise?

Take great care,

Nina :)

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