Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Stuff

I am doing pretty well today. I am eating well and feeling confident that I can do this. One thing I like about Core is that I don't have to be hungry. That makes this easier for me. I had a yummy veggie omelet for breakfast with lots of veggies, one egg and 2 egg whites, and 2 tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese. It was filling and yummy. Now as I sit here drinking my decaf coffee, I am full and happy.

Have a great week everyone!!

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Vikki said...

I have a favor to ask of you if you don't mind and you have the time. Could you email me at and either give me a quick summary of what WW core is or tell me where I might find that info? The reason I'm asking is my sister doesn't do well on Low Carb either. It's working great for me and my mom but my sister isn't like us, She tried south beach but I don't think she was ready for it yet and now she won't try it again. I've been hearing a little about the Core program at WW and that might be something she could handle. Thanks and remember only if you have time and don't mind, I'll completely understand if you don't.

I love the new fall look.
Have a great Sunday,

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