Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My plan

Even though I am not going to be officially dieting until after the baby is born, I am actually looking forward getting started on this diet. Because I had heard to many good things about it, I have even ordered Rose Elliot's book, "THE VEGETARIAN LOW-CARB DIET"

On her site about the book she says:

This is my easy-to-follow, meat-free answer to high-protein diets. I wrote it in answer to the many requests for a vegetarian (and vegan) version of the low-carb diet – and it really does work. The book includes over 140 delicious recipes, top tips for losing weight and staying slim, carbohydrate counters, meal plans and clear explanation of how and why the diet works.

After I get that book, I am probably going to order, Rose Elliot's "THE VEGETARIAN LOW-CARB DIET COOBOOK"

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