Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bitchfest 2006 and Tuesday Tips

Well today everyone is back in school. I have a booming headache and I can't curl up and wish it away, I have to go out to the store. oh well. And . . . . I weighed myself this morning (I know I shouldn't between weigh-in days but I did) and TOM brought an extra 5 lbs. Lets hope it is bloat and it gone by Saturday. UGH!

On the up side, while I am out there anyway, I am going to the library today, hopefully. I am planning on finding out if they have any exercise DVDs. If they do, I am going to copy them off onto a video tape. My hope is to have a full tape of all different exercise routines. That way I could do something different every day, just by putting the same tape in.

Considering my weekend, I figured I would share these great articles that I found, "10 ways to avoid holiday weight gain" and "8 ways you can eat to beat lethargy"

There are some great tips in there. Here are some from both that I am going to keep in mind:

  • Drink green--I found this great green Iced tea that comes in individual packs that is sugar free. I really like it and it is made from real tea.
  • Protein it up--Eating the right amount of protein helps to balance blood sugar, which in turn avoids energy fluctuations. I am going to watch my protein intake it does make a difference in how I feel.
  • Water yourself down--You're not tired...you're thirsty! I really have to watch this one.
  • Don't stress--The "so-called" stress hormone, cortisol, is released under times of stress. In terms of weight loss, research shows excess cortisol secretion stimulates weight gain and abdominal fat accumulation.
  • Have healthier versions of your holiday favorites--Since I am making the holiday dinner, I can do this.
  • Slow down--It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for your stomach to register a "full" sensation and signal to your brain that it's time to stop eating. In other words, by eating in a slow and relaxed manner, you'll feel more full and be less likely to overeat.


Amy said...

Thanks for checking in on me while I was on vacation. Let's just say that I sucked on vacation. I ate like food was going out of style and I definitely gained some weight.
On the upside, I had a really fun time.
Soooo....it's back to reality now!

Shelley said...

Hey TC...don't fret too much about the 5 pound gain since I am sure it is water and will be gone before you know it. It's one of the reasons why I only officially weigh in once a month...so I am less likely to be effected by those natural ups and downs.

And the tips you left...great and well worth following!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I have been drinking green tea cold by Liptons in the 20 ounce bottle now for sometime and I believe that it has been helping me lose weight. I really love it but have been having troubles finding the DIET. I can find the regular but the DIET is hard to find. I do not like the regular like I do the DIET...Finally yesterday I found some at KROGER. Keep up the good work...Sandy

Suzy said...

Hope your headache has gone.

Hope the scales are kind to you on Saturday. Fluid retention is SO annoying.

Living to Feel Good said...

Great tips!!

Kim Ayres said...

That slowing down bit has been a tricky one for me. I have slowed my eating over the years, but even eating really slowly doesn't compensate for the fact that one of the problems I have is my stomach doesn't register it's full for about 45 minutes to an hour after I've eaten

Come on in for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about my weight loss journey as well as all the healthy recipes I have found, including WW points and/or nutritional information if available. I am eating a vegetarian diet and concentrating on getting healthy and hopefully weight loss will follow. Thank to all my readers for their ongoing support.