Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Adventures in the kitchen and Tuesday Tip

I got a nice shout out over at Fatfighterblogs.com. Woohoo! Wasn't that nice to see!

I made the yummiest dinner yesterday. I put a pack of skinless, boneless chicken breast in a roaster. I Sprinkled it with Poultry seasoning, salt and pepper, and then I layered an onion, cabbage, and turnip over it. After that I put 1/2 chicken broth and 1/2 beef broth enough to cover the whole thing. I put it in the oven covered and let it cook on a low temperature for several hours. After it had started to stew, I stirred in a few kinds of frozen vegetables including corn and mixed veggies as well as a little leftover barley I had in the fridge. I let it stew on a low temp in the oven for several more hours and when it was cooked it was the yummiest stew I have had in a long time. Everyone loved it including Prince Charming and Little Princess. It tasted really good and not at all like something healthy. I am definitely adding this to my regular rotation.

Speaking of yummy, that mock apple pie I made was to die for! it was really really good. It tasted just like pie filling. And it was so easy to make.

I was given this link and really struck me. Sometimes on our journey we get overwhelmed by the big picture. It feels like to much to do it all so we do nothing. If you find yourself feeling that way. Take a step back. Look at what you are doing and change something. Just one change. and then after you do that and you are comfortable with that change you can change something else. Any change for the better helps. I like really like it . . . CHANGE SOMETHING


Lazy Daisy said...

I love new receipes and aren't you clever to find several. Thanks for the tips you are so right...one change at a time. Blessings!

LivingMinimal said...

That meal sounds pretty cool. Being creative and improvisation in the kitchen are great!

April said...

Wow Cindy, congrats!!!! I hadn't been up at the site for a few days and when I came and checked out your site I saw your loss on Saturday, way to go girl!!! I am so proud of you!


3treasures said...

Very true, eating healthy doesn't mean eating tasteless foods that you can't wait to finish off. Today, for lunch i made red lentil gravy with rice....very yummmy...

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