Saturday, August 5, 2006

Empty Plate Syndrome

I have empty plate syndrome. Blame it on my parents but it haunts me to this day. It is the one part of my weight loss journey I am still fighting. When we were kids, dad always said, "You don't have to get seconds, but you have to eat everything on your plate." To this day, I have such guilt when I leave food on my plate and don't eat it.

Yesterday when I was eating supper, I was full, but there was only a little bit left and I really should waste good food. So I ate it. Ugh. My belly was about to explode and I felt like I lost the enjoyment of a good meal all because I am too dumb to leave a little food on my plate if I am full. It is even worse if I happen to experiment with my food and make something I don't like. I can't tell you how many times I have forced down a meal. I am sitting there thinking, "this is really bad. This is an awful lot of points to waste on something this bad. I really should put this away. This is really really bad." All the time, i am shovelling spoonful after spoonful of this stuff into my mouth until it is all gone. Then I finish and I sit there thinking, "That's why you're fat. If you don't want it or you don't like it. Don't eat it. Even your four year old knows that." But every time I finish eating my plate has to be completely empty.

So here I am confessing to the world, "Hello. My name is Twisted Cinderella and I have Empty Plate Syndrome."

Food for Sunday:
  • 0 points--Coffee
  • 2 points--granola bar
  • 0 points--coffee
  • 0 points--diet pop
  • 3 points--low fat frankfurter
  • 2 points--corn and mixed veggies
  • 4 points--chicken
  • 2 points--ww bread
  • 1 point--orange
  • 1 point--fat free/sugar free yogurt
  • 2 points--granola bar
  • 5 point--egg white casserole (experimental recipe)
  • 2 points--yogurt
  • 24 points--Total Points for Sunday


Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you I am so glad I can leave comments now..

WooHoo!!! I
completely understand what you mean about clean plate syndrom. I am the say
way, trying to not be but it is hard. Also, eating things I don't like. April

Lazy Daisy said...

Old habit die hard. Don't think about the starving children in Asia either. Just say, Is this really what I want to eat? Is this what I want to spend my points on?

Why am I telling you this....Miss Skinny!

Sarah said...

I feel your pain on the whole must clean your plate thing. I'm working hard at realizing that it's all about quality, not quantity.

Congrats on one-derland!! Don't ever go back over the hump again!!! I know that I'm working like h-ll to never get back to that place!

3treasures said...

That was me some months ago...only difference, i was cleaning up the kids plates....shame on me!!

Cocomolly said...

Don't feel bad -- I have it too! And yesterday I went on my gorge-fest with bread. And I too, felt like my belly was just going to explode! UGH!!!

Meanwhile tho... on a POSITIVE note. You're doing GREAT!! EPS (Empty Plate Syndrome) and all! Hey... try that "use a smaller plate" trick and see if that helps. It won't matter if you clean your plate then!! ;) Gosh I love to fool myself!

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! My Big Reveal was so much fun!!! I had a great time, and would totally do it all over again! :) I have to keep up the workouts and pampering - they want me to come back next year and show off the even better, improved me :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Try using smaller plates that way you won't feel guilty when you finish it all! :D

I couldn't believe those girls at the gym, but that was only on Thursday night. I went yesterday morning, and around 5:30 today, and normal people were working out. Noone looked like they were trying to get a date. LOL. Maybe it's a late night thing. I'll let you know since I plan to work out late again this week.

rand(om) bites said...

Hehe, empty plate syndrome, I hear you! But don't let it be a good excuse. Maybe try put less on your plate to start with? Something I had to learn to do. You can kick the habit! :-)

Cory said...

I can totally understand where you are coming from with that. It's something I used to have SERIOUS trouble with. Of course, to look at me now you would still think I do! But it's gotta fairly rare for me to actually clean a plate. It was a very hard road to get here though. Just keep working on it.
(Or take my friend's diet idea and follow it. He has decided that no matter how much is on the plate, he will NOT eat the last bite. :))

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